Musical Times Tables
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Learning times tables has been made easy!
Put the CD in the player and sit back whilst
your kids learn their times tables and have fun!

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"Learn Your Times Tables!"

"As a teacher, I love the way each song gives the children the chance to learn, reinforce and test their memory. All the children love the range of different voices and the catchy tunes. Every Primary School classroom should have this CD." ~ Miss Smith, Assistant Head, Sudbourne School, London.

Children will be singing their way through times tables in no time at all with a brand new music CD which has been developed specifically to teach kids to memorise their multiplication tables. It's so easy!

Learn Your Times Tables! has been written by a musician mum for her children:

"It was the best way to teach them. They learned their multiplication tables off by heart in just one week by singing along to them in the car."

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The times tables songs were developed following very thorough research to ensure that each piece of music was unique, catchy, memorable and most importantly, appealing to children.

Each times table has its own individual song and character that encourages and praises the child whilst they learn their tables.

The times tables follow the same order
as the National Curriculum

With strong rhythm and tunes to help aid learning by repetition, and lots of jokes, they are a vital study tool to take the monotony out of learning multiplication tables.

Ideal for car journeys, learning at home, or part of a maths lesson plan, Learn Your Times Tables! is fun, easy to use and comes with a printed booklet listing all the times tables and their characters.

Practice with the CD at least once a day (particularly good in the car), and follow the booklet or printed sheet of multiplication tables. Within less than ten days a child should know their times tables off by heart (age appropriate). It's so easy!

Tested in a real classroom with great enthusiasm from the kids. We perfected this CD with the help of several primary school teachers and were very careful to keep the tempo slow to make singing along easy.

Everyone can benefit from Learn Your Times Tables! : No extra work for you, and you give your kids a firm foundation in maths.


Each times table song repeats round three times. The music then repeats twice more without the answers. This teaches the child to provide the answers themselves. To begin with, they can read from the printed sheet of multiplication tables.

Free printable multiplication times tables, featuring drawings of all our times table characters!